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What are your fees?

Take a look at my media kit here.
This is my current pricing, but please feel free to reach out. I know and understand that smaller, local companies do not always have this type of budget.

Would we be a good fit for a collaboration?

My space and lifestyle are neutral, monochromatic, soothing and cozy. I enjoy products and services that encourage sustainable, minimalist, neutral goods for the home and family. Eco-friendly products, sustainable materials, natural or organic materials. Cozy, minimal furniture, modern boho styles. Casual chic clothing companies. Heirloom type children's products. I especially love small, local businesses, woman-owned, poc-owned and am happy to support them anyway that I can.

Do you do UGC?

Yes! I love user-generated content and often prefer this type of work. I love creating content for businesses and this allows me to work with brands that have smaller budgets or brands that don't necessarily match my personal brand. Please feel free to reach out!


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