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S L O W   D O W N   & 
C R E A T E    Y O U R   F A M I L Y ’ S
 D R E A M    L I F E

Your children are wired to learn
You’re wired to connect with them. 


G E T   T H E   
F R E E   G U I D E

10 Simple Ways to Connect with Your Child

This is my FREE GIFT to you! For parents who want to slow down and be more present with their child. Grab my list of free and simple ideas to make that happen.

ohh, gimme!

I’ve practiced unschooling, slow living, & mindful parenting with my three kids for over a decade, 
and now I also support other parents as they create their dream life for their own families.

They need to chase their passions.

They need to play & enjoy their childhood.

They need someone to affirm that they are their own best advocates.

They don’t need another set of rules … 

… they need boundaries based on love & respect.

Your children deserve the freedom to learn & grow
in ways that align with who they are.

(cultural norms be damned)

Kids don't deserve to be cooped up all day in a classroom.

And you don't deserve to be trapped by the strict schedule and demands of an outdated school system.

I’ll teach you how to let go of societal norms and stressors that equate children to bonsai trees that need pruning, constriction and perfection.

I'll help you...

You can
And, you can

Your parenting instincts are already good.
Your child is already a natural learner.

Unschool your children—in other words, help them follow their natural interests.

Recognize how your own past trauma impacts your parenting so you can start healing

Create a dream life where your family can live freely, authentically, and without burnout.

Children are full-fledged humans—not balls of clay. I focus on respectful, mindful, consent-based parenting, as well as ADHD parenting. Let’s create a culture where we treat our kids as well as we treat other adults. 


Slow living means allowing life to unfold and exploring as you go, rather than pushing forward with a daily agenda. I help parents identify practical changes to free them and their families to rest, play, and connect.


Humans make decisions based on what they think is true. But many of us never stop to question what we’ve been told—we’re moving too fast. You might just need permission to look at things through a new lens.


Mindfulness, authenticity, and connection are essential to both parenting and learning … 

… and they’re available to you from within.
So why do we focus so much on rigid systems that don’t make sense for how kids learn? 
Why do we crush parents (and kids!) with external assessments of success? 

You already have everything you need to thrive.

you’ll need to spend planning lessons or pestering your kids to do homework.

0 hours

you’ll need to spend on homeschooling curriculum and learning materials


of education experience needed to be an awesome unschooling parent

0 years

opportunities to learn when you follow your kids’ interests


I’m a former teacher turned unschooling mom of three. I teach parents how to break away from the status quo and be more present, so they can create an authentic life alongside their kids outside of school without overwhelm and burnout. 

I’m a creative, a travel enthusiast, and a passionate advocate for children. Fill in the blanks for yourself, and use that to guide the kind of present, connected parent you want to be.

When you slow down to pay attention to your kids, you start to notice they don’t need much to thrive. Or at least, not what you thought. Mostly, they need you to be healthy and fulfilled. Learn how to make room for your own regulation while engaging in the exploration that’s characteristic of unschooling.

Start Unschooling

Learn my “why” behind
mindful, slow living & unschooling → 

Let yourself grow & your children learn 

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10 Simple Ways to Connect with Your Child

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This is my FREE GIFT to you! For parents who feel overwhelmed and looking to be more present with their child. Grab my list of free and simple ideas to make that happen.

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